Serving on active duty in any of the United States’ military branches is a hazardous undertaking. The unfortunate fact is that many people suffer from injuries or illnesses that now affect their ability to support themselves in their civilian lives. If this is your situation, you have the right to seek out benefits under the Veterans’ Disability Compensation Program.

Many people ask, “What is the VA claim process?” At the same time, they wonder what information they will need to provide to the VA to improve their chances of having a successful claim. The team at Centonzio Law is ready to provide more information about the VA claim process and works to guide veterans toward the benefits they deserve.

How Do I Start a VA Disability Claim?

There are three ways to start a VA disability claim. The best and most direct way to do so is to create an online account with the Veterans Disability Compensation Program website. Here, not only can veterans start their claims, but they can also submit medical evidence and track their claim through the review process.

The Veterans’ Administration also allows people to submit a claim by mail. Veterans can download and print a paper application through the website or receive a paper copy through the mail by calling 1-800-827-1000. While any option can result in a successful claim, Centonzio Law recommends filing an application through the online portal.

What Information will a Veterans’ Benefit Application Require?

Veterans seeking cash benefits due to a disability bear the burden of proving their eligibility to the VA. There are three steps to this process.

The first is to show that their current illness or injury traces back to their time spent on active duty. While this certainly includes wounds or diseases contracted while on deployment, it can also include conditions traced to time spent in training or while in a support job.

Second, applicants must provide medical records that indicate a disability. This can be records from a VA provider or from any licensed practitioner. The VA will use these records to determine a disability percentage from ten to one hundred. This percentage will play a direct role in determining a person’s monthly payment.

Finally, applicants must show that they received an honorable discharge from the military. A copy of your DD214 form is the most efficient way to meet this requirement. The legal team at Centonzio Law can provide more information about what evidence is needed to give a veteran the best chance at pursuing a successful VA disability claim.

If You are Wondering What is Involved in the VA Disability Claim Process, Reach out to an Attorney Today

Receiving proper VA disability benefits is key to many veterans’ financial stability. If you suffered an illness or injury while on active duty that impacts your day-to-day life, you may be eligible for direct cash payments.

Even so, knowing what to expect when filing an application can help you be prepared and improve your chances of a successful case. You must be able to prove that your current condition has its roots in your time spent on active duty. 

You must also show that you received an honorable discharge. Finally, you must be ready to provide up-to-date medical records.

Talking with a lawyer at Centonzio Law could help you better understand this process and lets them take the lead in seeking out the benefits you deserve. Contact them now to get started.