Should I Hire A VA Disability Lawyer?

One of the most common questions veterans have is “Why should I hire a VA disability attorney when I can apply for benefits for free?” To begin with, the VA system is a massive, complex beast. An attorney who has studied this system and spent years gaining a vast understanding of its in-and-outs, can spot VA mistakes that are not readily apparent. Having an attorney spot these mistakes early on, can allow you to receive the benefits you deserve quicker.

Additionally, much like the VA benefits system, most free organizations available to veterans are understaffed and overrun, which forces them to sacrifice personalized service in favor of processing as many people as they can in a day. In contrast, an accredited VA disability attorney works directly for you. We will be able hear and discuss all of your questions, quickly analyze your individual case, and spend time gathering any necessary evidence. You will also have a direct line to the person handling your case, saving you the hassle of retelling your story to a new claims officer each time you call. In addition, both the VA and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) treat an application differently when you are represented by counsel.If you would like more information about what attorney representation entails, give us a call. We provide free consultations.