VA Secondary Service Connection

If a veteran is eligible for service-connected disability compensation for a condition, and that condition has caused another disability, he or she may be eligible for additional compensation based on the theory of “secondary service connection.” In order to prove secondary service connection, the veteran will need to provide medical evidence of the secondary condition, as well as a medical opinion supporting the claim that the secondary condition was caused, or worsened by, the service-connected disability. Note, it does not matter how long after service a secondary condition manifests itself, but the delay of the secondary condition may result in a later effective date assigned for compensation of the condition. Examples of secondary service connection include diabetes leading to a heart condition, or a leg injury leading to a back injury because the leg injury causes the veteran to stand incorrectly. If you believe you have a secondary condition, contact us for a thorough evaluation of your claim.

If our team determines there is not enough medical evidence to support your secondary service connection claim, we will advance the cost of an independent professional medical evaluation within reasonable distance of your current address or location.