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Veterans of the various branches of the United States’ armed forces face many hazards while on active duty. In some situations, these result in them suffering illnesses or injuries that impact their current health and employment chances. When this occurs, veterans have the right to receive payments in the form of disability compensation.

If you are already receiving veterans’ disability payments in the form of basic compensation, you may be asking how much VA disability will increase in 2024. Thankfully, the team at Centozino Law is ready to explain the current VA disability pay tables and explore your monthly benefits package.

Veterans’ Disability Payments Function on a Sliding Scale

Obtaining Veterans’ disability benefits is often a complex and lengthy process. A major portion of this process is demonstrating that an injury or illness occurred while on active duty that now impacts a person’s civilian life. A successful claim will result in the receipt of a disability rating.

A disability rating is an official determination of how a medical condition impacts a veteran’s ability to care for themselves and take on a job. These ratings apply in ten percent increments from ten to one hundred. This percentage is the major determining factor that a veteran and the VA will use to calculate monthly benefits.

The other factor that determines VA disability benefits is the veteran’s family status. Married veterans or those with children will receive additional benefits if their disability rating is 30 percent or above. The team at Centozino Law can provide more information about how the VA determines a veteran’s disability status.

The Current 2024 VA Disability Benefit Payments

In December of every year, the VA issues new VA disability pay scales that will last until December of the following year. As a result, the VA disability payments for the 2024 months of January through November are currently available.

According to information from the Veterans’ Administration, recipients will receive an increase over their 2023 benefits based on cost of living adjustments. The minimum payment that a veteran will receive is $171.23 per month. This applies to all veterans who have a ten percent disability rating. These payments will increase to $338.49 if their disability rating is 20 percent.

Veterans who have a disability rating of between thirty and one hundred percent will receive monthly payments based on their current familial status. In general, the larger a veteran’s family, the greater the payments. Family members include dependent spouses, dependent parents, and children under the age of eighteen or children in college. The link above will connect to the current pay tables.

Calculating a veteran’s full benefit amount can be a complex process. Talking with Centozino Law today can help veterans determine their current disability percentage, evaluate which members of their family play a role in determining payments, and evaluate a current monthly benefit amount.

Speak with an Attorney Today to Learn More About How Much VA Disability Benefits will Increase in 2024

Receiving proper VA disability benefits is essential for any person who has suffered an illness or injury while on active duty that now impacts their civilian life. For those already receiving benefits, it is reasonable to wonder if those benefits will increase in 2024.

Thankfully, the Veterans Administration has increased the monthly benefit payments. As always, the final calculation will depend on your disability percentage and the size and composition of your dependent family. The team at Centozino Law is ready to help you calculate your 2024 veterans’ benefits payments and can fight to help you receive the payments you deserve. Contact them now to get started.