To maximize your VA disability benefits, you want to ensure you are getting the maximum coverage possible based on your disability rating. When appropriate, raising your disability rating can increase the amount of compensation you get from the Department of Veterans Affairs. In fact, your condition may have worsened over time, meaning you now qualify for more disability benefits that you did before.

Filing for Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefits (TDIU) can help you maximize your benefits. It may help you receive the same compensation as those considered 100% disabled, but is usually easier to be approved than getting a 100% disability rating under current VA criteria.

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Understanding VA Disability Rating Calculations

The VA determines what percentage of a person’s body is impaired because of their service-connected disability. Ratings are approved in increments from 0% to 100%, and occur in 10% increments along that scale. For example, a 0% rating means that the VA believes the person’s disabilities do not exist or are not service-connected in any way. A 100% disability rating means the person is severely impaired and cannot live or work independently.

Many veterans have multiple disabilities, and these can complicate the way the VA considers your issues. In fact, the VA’s calculations can make it extremely difficult to get a 100% rating, even when it is appropriate under the circumstances. 

Using TDIU To Improve Your Disability Benefits

If you suffer a service-related disability, your disability benefits may not reflect the true level of your condition. If you think your percentage rating does not match your actual life, filing for Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefits (TDIU) could be an effective option for you.

TDIU may provide you with a 100% rating, even if your combined disability ratings do not actually meet 100%. You must establish that you are unable to secure or keep gainful employment because of your service-related disability. To qualify for TDIU, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • You have a single service-connected disability that has a VA disability rating of 60% or higher
  • You have multiple service-connected disabilities, with at least one of those rated at least 40% and a total combined disability rating of at least 70%

These are veterans who are not considered seriously enough disabled that they meet the 100% threshold under traditional criteria, but their unique circumstances are such that they are unable to get gainful employment because of their conditions. If you believe this is you, we can help.

Factors Considered When Determining TDIU Eligibility

TDIU will consider multiple factors to determine whether circumstances warrant coverage. The VA will look at the veterans:

  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Disability limitations
  • Earnings and past income
  • Circumstances of current or recent employment

The VA may consider these and other factors to determine whether to improve your overall disability rating and the compensation you can receive for your disabilities. An experienced VA disability benefits attorney knows the best strategies to apply for TDIU when you are eligible.

Speak With a TDIU Disability Lawyer for Help

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