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Veterans who sustain any sort of injury or develop any condition in connection with their military service may have the right to apply for disability benefits through the VA. These include both physical ailments as well as mental health conditions that manifest themselves with painful symptoms that impact a person’s physical life.

While the VA evaluates each claim based on the evidence submitted to it, certain types of claims appear to be granted more often than others. The list of these commonly approved VA disability claims includes the following conditions:


Tinnitus is described as a “ringing in the ears” sensation and is caused by exposure to loud sounds the type of which military members are repeatedly and often exposed to. While the sound is uncomfortable and may interfere with your normal ability to hear, it does not result in deafness and rarely receives a high disability rating. However, a total of 2.7 million claims for benefits based on tinnitus were approved in 2022.

Knee Injuries

A total of 1.65 million claims for knee injuries were approved by the VA in 2022. While there can be varying degrees of limitations as a result of knee injuries, this condition can be treated in most cases where it is severe. Less severe cases may not warrant treatment because of the minimal benefit that a person might receive. As a result, disability ratings tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum.

Hearing Difficulties and Hearing Loss

The same sort of noises that can lead to tinnitus can also permanently damage a veteran’s hearing and lead to deafness. The VA typically has no issues approving these claims because of the many ways and places veterans can be exposed to loud noises while in the service. Ratings are typically low as individuals can still work and care for themselves even with significant hearing damage.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This severe mental condition is frequently associated with military service, especially among veterans who serve in an active combat zone or who witness traumatic events. This condition, also known as PTSD, can leave a person with vivid flashbacks and nightmares that affect both their waking and sleeping habits. As a result, disability ratings tend to be higher for claims of this nature.

Spinal Injuries

Service members are expected to shoulder heavy loads, both emotionally and physically. Back injuries are common, which is why claims of spinal injuries and back injuries are often approved. Approximately 1.3 million were approved in 2022 alone.

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