Finding a Vocational Expert for a TDIU Claim

In a typical TDIU claim, a veteran claims that he or she cannot return to his or her former employment because of a service-connected disability. The question then shifts to whether the veteran has the education, work experience, transferable skill set, and adequate physical and mental capacity to secure and maintain another type of employment. Vocational experts have the industrial knowledge and expertise to evaluate the opportunities in the current marketplace compared to the veteran’s current circumstances. A vocational expert often is the only person qualified to render an expert opinion on a veteran’s ability to obtain other employment and can actually alter the final decision in a TDIU claim.

When a vocational expert is reviewing a case, the expert will examine the following:

  • The veteran’s current service-connected disabilities and the limitations involved;
  • Prior education;
  • Past work experience: how the past work experience translates into the current job market, especially related to basic technical skills (such as familiarity with computers, printers, word processing programs), and ability to pick up the necessary skills efficiently;
  • The veteran’s ability to communicate with and respond appropriately to managers and supervisors, and get along with co-workers; or communicate appropriately with clients;
  • The veteran’s ability to adapt to stressful situations;
  • The effect of pain & medication on ability to concentrate, focus, attend to verbal and written instructions, complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner;
  • Any accommodations which the disabilities might require.

If the VA denied your TDIU claim and you think you could benefit from a Vocational Expert, contact us so we can help you obtain one.

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