Client Testimonials

Mr. Centonzio is a very knowledgeable, caring, and personable attorney who is very active in the local community. He prides himself on providing expedient, professional, personalized services to each and every one of his clients. A U.S. Marine, Javier brings his “can do” attitude to each and every problem, and zealously represents the interest of his clients. I am proud to call him a professional colleague and a personal friend, and I would recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a smart, hardworking, solid attorney who will actually return your calls!
Brandon Robinson
I am a retired disabled Army veteran of 20 years. I needed assistance in dealing with an appeal for mine disability. Ms. Tamayo Was an amazing, professional, knowledgeable attorney and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I currently work for an administrative federal law-enforcement agency around a number of attorneys as well as having a number of personal friends and family members that are also attorneys. Prior to retiring I worked as a special agent with Army CID and dealt with prosecutors and defense attorneys on a regular basis. In all of my time and experiences in dealing with attorneys she has been one of the most professional and responsive attorneys I’ve ever dealt with. It was truly a pleasant surprise to find someone so great at their job and still very reliable, professional and easy to work with. Again I cannot recommend her highly enough for any of your legal needs that fall within the scope of her practice!
Tracy Smith
I know Javier as both a friend and a fellow lawyer. He is a trustworthy and dependable attorney who listens to the issues, focuses on the problem, and helps to provide solutions. I highly recommend Javier for anyone who needs help with estate planning, probate, veteran’s benefits, or any of the related areas of law.
Justin Miller
I spent a year with Javier in Iraq. I would trust him with my life!
Joe Kumor
Mr. Centonzio is respectful professional, very friendly and very knowledagble in the areas of law that he manages. He gave me legal advice in the case I presented, obtaining very satisfactory results and the assurance that my case was in place and with the right person. I highly recommend the services of Javier Centonzio.
Felicia Uyen
Javier is an inspiring and admirable individual. His passion for serving our nation's veterans drives his strong work ethic and competence in the area of veteran’s benefits. I had the honor of studying with Javier at Stetson University College of Law where he assisted in the development of a legal clinic designed to serve veterans. I highly recommend Javier Centonzio.
Katie May
Javier is the attorney that I recommend without hesitation. He is passionate, committed, and willing to go above and beyond for his clients. I am honored to be a fellow veteran and attorney. When I need advice I call Javier.
Trista Miller
Javier Centonzio conducts himself with the utmost professionalism and truly cares about his clients. He makes himself available to answer questions and his knowledge surpasses most. I wholeheartedly recommend Javier and have 100 percent confidence in his skills and abilities.
Andrea Goode
Mr. Centonzio was well versed in the matter that I brought to him. The task I presented to him was completed in a timely manner. I must mention that the cost was very reasonable.
William Calhoun
I was in the Marine Corps with Javier Centonzio many moons ago, before 9/11. He was a highly motivated and highly respected leader in his unit—someone you could depend on to get the job done, and done well, no matter the circumstance. When the balloon goes up, he is a man you want on your side.
Sam Byrd
The moment we stepped into the Centonzio Law office we knew we were in the right place. Javier was so kind and patient with my 95-year old dad, a World War ll Navy Veteran. Javier has a compassion for veterans that showed. His staff was so friendly and helpful. After my Mom passed away we needed to change the deed to the house. Not only did Javier take care of this for us in a timely matter, his prices for this transaction were very reasonable. He even gave us additional advice, which has helped us along the way. We have a few more matters to take care of and we will definitely be returning to Javier and his staff. We are so thankful and grateful for this office more than they know.
Jil Delaney
Professional, Flexible and Military Friendly. I highly recommend Javier. 11/10
Andy on Guam
Javier is kind, caring and compassionate. He put our mother and her needs first. I highly recommend Javier and his firm to anyone.
Melissa Consagra
Javier Centonzio will fight for the Veteran and takes care of what needs to be taken care of. He keeps in touch with his clients and informs them of everything that is taking place. Anyone that has a Veteran who deserves justice - he is the man to do it for you. Thank you again and may God bless you for the work you do for Veterans!
Linda Zacha
I contacted Mr. Centonzio in regards to representing me in a VA hearing. I found Javier to be very professional, understanding and knowledgeable. He quickly understood my case and he helped me win. Javier is one of the nicest, most compassionate people I have ever met in my life. I consider him my lawyer and my friend, and I highly recommend him as an attorney.
Ronald Colangelo
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