VA Disability Independent Medical Exam

Typically, the VA is required to schedule a Compensation and Pension Examination (C&P Exam) for veterans to determine his or her degree of impairment for a given condition. Unfortunately, not all of these C&P exam reports are favorable towards the veteran. In order to contest an unfavorable C&P exam report, a veteran should submit his or own independent medical exam discrediting the unfavorable report. Unlike a C&P exam, an independent medical exam is performed by a doctor with no connection to the VA. The VA values these examinations over others because an independent medical exam is obtained by someone other than your family physician. Thus, the doctor is coming from an unbiased perspective. If we determine an IME is needed to support a claim, we will obtain an IME for our clients to combat the VA’s arsenal of VA doctors. Centonzio Law has achieved significant success with private medical opinions mainly due to the high quality of these medical reports. Centonzio Law ensures the quality of these reports by thoroughly explaining the veteran’s claim and background, by picking the right doctor for the particular veteran’s needs, and by carefully describing the VA’s standard of review for the relevant disability. Centonzio Law pays for these opinions upfront and will only ask for reimbursement if we win the veteran’s case. If you are going through the VA appeals process and you received an unfavorable C&P exam, please contact us to see if we can help you with an IME. 

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